You Can Trust Us to Reach Your UM Goals.

We understand that not every hospital or medical office can afford to have a full time physician advisor. If your facility lacks a physician advisor, The Nevill Group can bridge that gap.

There is fast-growing pressure from health plans to manage utilization services and ensure that clinical decision making follows an evidence-based process. After all, the better this is handled and reported, the more efficient and cost-saving it is for all parties.

Physician advisors are familiar with all aspects of utilization management, quality improvement and compliance within the ever-changing Medicare conditions of participation.

From assisting with appeals and performing peer-to-peer reviews to ensuring documentation and assessing medical necessity, our physicians are there to help educate colleagues on the multitude of issues they encounter.

The additional level of education and training allows our physician advisor to interact on the same level with physicians or nurses, working on utilization and compliance issues that may arise, critical to optimizing any utilization management.

So, how can we help?

  • Our services can help hospitals achieve their financial and quality goals.
  • Our physician will perform an external audit of the documentation and clinical indicators and make a sound judgment, as a consulting physician, on your most difficult cases.
  • Our physician advisor will provide a verbal and written determination, with applicable criteria and evidence-based literature quoted.
  • We can provide peer-to-peer reviews and follow-up calls to the insurance provider.

Don't Go It Alone.

Partner with The Nevill Group to deliver the best outcomes for your patients and produce the most revenue for your facility, efficiently, every day.