Why Choose The Nevill Group?

If you’ve spent more than a minute in providing health care, you know there are challenges for providers. The denial problem is growing, and will continue to grow. The increase of denials has placed constraints on providers, and created a huge revenue loss.

Increased denials affects critical hospital resources and has a negative impact on your ability to provide proper staffing, dropping the balance for care staff to patient ratios. Smaller, community and critical care hospitals who are already counting every penny are facing bankruptcies or closure.

Recent estimates show that US healthcare providers have seen a growth of gross charges denied by payers of at least 20% of the nominal billing value of all claims submitted. With the Affordable Care Act, 45 million more people became eligible for Medicaid and insurance, thus raising denials.

The Nevill Group brings expertise to your team, creating an environment where your dollar is maximized and you’re able to provide the best care you can while decreasing denials and winning claim appeals.

Our provider services include:

  • 24/7/365 Hotline for immediate, critical, decision making
  • Chart auditing to help find holes and fix them
  • Clinical appeals management to recover payment for services
  • Medical coding audits to ID problems and provide recommendations
  • Education and training for your hospital team
  • Physician advisor services to help lead your team to reach financial and quality goals

The Nevill Group can help relieve the worry of your utilization management with our expertise and personal attention to detail. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!


Give your staff the confidence to focus on patient care, knowing that The Nevill Group is here to help.